Tutustu saunojen mielenkiintoiseen historiaan! (PDF)

Instructions on bathing in the smoke sauna

The smoke sauna is heated to a temperature between 110 and 130°C (230 and 266°F). Logs of alder wood have been used in heating, and the heating has taken four to six hours, depending on the announced number of sauna bathers and the outdoor temperature.

The first round of throwing water onto the stove may cause an unpleasant feeling; therefore, caution is recommended, particularly in the beginning. The second round will be more pleasant and gentle.

The heat will last longer when water is thrown onto the stove only little by little, spreading it evenly onto the stones. You will feel the heat on your skin with a small delay. Get used to the heat little by little, otherwise it may come as an unpleasant surprise.

Throw only clean, warm or hot tap water onto the stove. Never cool down the stove with an excessive amount of water at one time. Sudden changes in temperature may cause damage to the stove.

If you think that the sauna is too hot, keep the door slightly open or open the vent in the back wall.

During the first round, the bench may feel hot. Use bathing sandals and a plywood seat base, with a sauna bench towel on it.

The longer you bathe in the sauna, the more pleasant and gentle the heat will become.

Have a relaxing time in the sauna!
Tampere Sauna Foundation